ALERT: Product Recall: Westinghouse 60cm 3 burner and 90cm 5 burner black tempered glass gas cooktops

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60cm Ovens

Westinghouse 60cm oven roast chicken meal

Keeping your dishes tender and juicy

With some oven models coming with SteamAssist, you are able to have an even cook from centre to surface with a crisp golden finish. The humidity created by combining steam with hot air throughout the cooking process, creates a crisp outer layer whilst retaining the moisture and nutrients on the inside.

You can use steam to re-heat your leftovers and have them taste as if they were just cooked. Unlike a microwave you will find the humidity created by hot air and steam will stop your leftovers from drying out.

Westinghouse pyroclean oven function

Ovens that clean up after themselves

In selected models you are able to leave the once avoided oven clean to the PyroClean function. Over a 1.5 - 2.5 hour period your oven will self-clean by reaching 300°C and turning grime into ash. For safety the oven door will lock during the cycle, and will not unlock until the oven has cooled down. Once it has cooled down all you will need to do is grab a cloth and wipe.

Westinghouse 60cm oven chicken marinate and vegetables

Room for everything

Whether it's a big family gathering or a simple Sunday roast, you'll love Westinghouse Family Size ovens, our 80-litre gross capacity ovens have room for everything. With low heat emissions and a super quiet operation, and you have all the ingredients for the perfect oven.

Westinghouse 60cm multi-function pyrolytic stainless steel oven

Creating delicious dishes has never been easier

Packed full of features our 60cm multi-function pyrolytic oven in dark stainless steel, is here to make meal time easy. With fast heat up functionality, SteamAssist, AirFry and PyroClean capability you are able to cook delicious meals the whole family will enjoy.