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I bought this oven a few months ago. It has a range of functions for all my cooking requirements which are at the touch of a finger! I purchased the whole suite of Westinghouse products to compliment my kitchen including their rangehood & induction cooktop. A joy to use!

Wockie | July 2022

Keep your clothes looking their best

The Gentle Wash Agitator moves clothes in multiple directions to deeply clean and gently wash even your dirtiest items, ensures your entire load is washed evenly and gently.

Fridge – Convertible Drawer

Fridge to Freezer, with a touch of a button.

With the widest temperature range from -23C to +7C our FlexSpace Fully Convertible Drawer adapts to your needs with a touch of a button*. With 5 predefined settings, chill your drinks, freeze your meat or store your deli snacks, helping with the fridge and freezer shuffle. *within 2 hours

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Induction – Pause Function

Hold everything with our clever Pause function.

We know that family life is full of distractions. That's why you'll appreciate our clever Pause function. Simply touch the Pause icon on your cooktop and all operating induction zones will drop to Keep Warm mode. When you're ready to go again, hit Pause again and settings will return to where you left off.

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