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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a copy of the brochure?

Simply go to Download a Brochure to get our latest brochure with full product details and installation dimensions etc.

How do I register my appliance?

Register your appliance and opt in to receive product usage tips and other exclusive tips and usage ideas for your appliance. Simply go to Register and complete the form.

Where can I get a copy of the user manual?

Simply go to User Manuals page to get our latest user manual for your appliance with full product details and installation dimensions etc.

My appliance is not working, how do I get it fixed?

Please call us on 09 573 2220 or contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Where do I go for warranty queries?

Please call us on 09 573 2220 or contact us and we will be glad to assist you. For more information on warranty Click here.

Where can I buy accessories for my appliance or spare parts?

To purchase accessories or spare parts, call our Customer Care team on 09 573 2220

I have an error code on my display of my appliance?

Please refer to you user manual for details on what the error message means, or contact us on 09 573 2220 and we will be glad to assist you with information about what the error message means.

Cooktop FAQs
What is an induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop is an electromagnetic flat surface cooktop that ensures fast heating using direct induction heating of cooking vessels. It is a seamless, cost-effective, and time-efficient cooktop. With induction cooktops, the heat is instant as your pan is heated by a magnetic field instead of a flame or electric element. This makes the pot or pan the heat source not the cooktop surface, allowing it to heat up faster and create a safer cooking environment for you and your family.

Find out more about Induction Cooktops.

How does induction cooking work?

When a suitable cooking pot or pan is placed on top of the induction cooktop an electric current is passed through a coil of copper wire that is located underneath the ceramic plate.

Find out more about Induction Cooktops.

Do I need new pots and pans?

To ensure your pan is compatible with an Induction cooktop it needs to have magnetic capability. This can be simply tested by placing a magnet on the bottom of your pan to see if it attracts, if so then your pan should work on the cooktop.

Find out more about Induction Cooktops.

Is induction cooking better than gas?

Cooking with induction gives you precise temperature control, more precise than gas or electric counterparts. Not to mention the flexibility to accommodate different types and amounts of cookware (pots and pans with magnetic capability). Induction cooking is also highly efficient because very little heat energy escapes-unlike with an open gas flame, the heat goes around the cookware and just a minimal residual heat is left when you remove the cookware.

Find out more about Induction Cooktops.

How do you clean an induction cooktop?

These are simple tips to clean and maintain an induction cooktop:

  • Make sure you switch off the cooktop before cleaning.

  • Let the cooktop cool down before cleaning.

  • Dab a small amount of glass ceramic cooktop cleaner onto the cooktop.

  • Make use of a damp sponge to wipe away spills on the cooktop.

  • Wipe off the cooktop with a clean, dry cloth.

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What is the Boil Protect function and how do you use it?

Available in selected cooktops, BoilProtect works by detecting the rising bubbles in boiling water. When the boiling point it detected, the cooktop will make an acoustic signal and the heat level automatically changes to 5. Allowing you to then adjust the temperature manually. With Westinghouse Boil Protect, you can be assured your water will never boil over. Watch the benefits of Boil Protect here and learn how to use the function on your induction cooktop.

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How to use the timer function on your induction cooktop?

Westinghouse makes cooking easy with the induction timer function. Watch the easy how to video on using the induction cooktop timer function.

What can I do to ensure the best results when cooking with my induction cooktop?

There are many factors that can affect cooking, but you can help ensure best results by following these recommendations:

  • Use heavier, high-quality cookware that is suitable for induction cooktops.
    High-quality cookware that is heavier and has a flat bottom will help your food cook more evenly.

  • Adjust the recipe's suggested temperature or cooking time.

Your induction cooktop provides exceptional temperature control that allows you to adjust heat with greater accuracy than gas or electric cooktops, especially at lower settings. Perfect for melting chocolate and cooking delicate foods and sauces.

How can I prevent scratches on my electric or induction cooktop?

Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended cooktop cleanser to the surface and buff using a nonabrasive cloth or pad. The special cooktop cleansing cream leaves a protective finish that helps prevent scratches and abrasions.

To further prevent scratches on your cooktop surface:

  • Be sure that the cooktop and any pots, pans, or utensils you use are clean.

  • If coarse particles (such as salt) come between your cooktop and utensils, scratches can result.

  • Use pots and pans that have a smooth, flat bottom.

  • Use cleaning materials that are recommended for ceramic/glass cooktops.

  • Any small scratches that occur will not affect your cooktop’s performance, and will become less visible over time.

What cookware is compatible with Induction cooktops?

Not all pieces of cookware can be used on induction cooktops and stoves. Since induction technology uses the power of magnetism, the cookware piece itself must be magnetic and have a flat bottom. For this reason, cookware made from aluminium, copper or glass, including Pyrex will not work on its own. To test if your cookware is magnetic simply place a magnet on the bottom of the pan.

I see discoloured areas on my electric or induction cooktop that have a metallic sheen. How can I prevent or remove these?

Discoloration that has a metallic sheen can be caused by mineral deposits from water and food. You can help prevent it by using cookware with a clean and dry bottom surface, and you can remove it with a ceramic/glass cooktop cleaning cream.

My induction cooktop has switched off?

Westinghouse cooktops have built-in automatic safety switch off.
The appliance deactivates automatically if:

  • You spill liquids or place something across the control panel for more than 10 seconds

  • The appliance becomes too hot (e.g. when a saucepan boils dry, or oil reaches above 300C).

  • You use incorrect cookware that is not induction friendly.
Oven FAQs
What is a Pyrolytic oven?

A pyrolytic oven is better known as a self-cleaning oven. By reaching a high temperature, you can save time, effort and minimise the need for cleaning chemicals. During the cycle the oven will reach a temperature of 300°C, which turns your grime into ash leaving you to just wipe clean. For safety the door will automatically lock at the start of the cycle until the oven has cooled down. With options of light or normal cleaning the run time can be between 1.5-2.5 hours excluding the cool down time.

Find out more about Westinghouse pyrolytic ovens here.

What is a Steam Oven?

A steam oven has a function that combines steam with hot air throughout the cooking process. Dependent on the level of steam the oven offers, steam ovens come with a water tank accessible from the front of the oven, that feeds water to the inside of the oven or there is a well at the base of the oven cavity in which you place water.

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What are the benefits of a Steam Oven?

By creating humidity in your oven cavity you are able to prevent your dishes from drying out, leaving the textures more tender and juicy. You will be able to maintain the nutrients and create richer colours in your food.

Find out more about Westinghouse steam ovens.

What is fan forced oven?

Fan forced oven has a heating element and a fan on the oven’s back wall. The electric element heats up and the fan circulates the warm air through all the levels of the oven evenly. The main benefit of a fan forced oven is the even temperature distribution, which allows several dishes to be cooked at once with no need to rotate.

Find out more in this guide to buying your new oven.

How do you clean your oven?

Depending on your oven model you can clean your oven following the three methods.

Self cleaning

A pyrolytic oven is better known as a self-cleaning oven, you can save time, effort and minimise the need for cleaning chemicals, as it turns your grime into ash so you just need to wipe away. During a Pyrolytic cleaning cycle, the door will automatically lock when the temperature in the oven approaches 300˚C.

Find out more about Westinghouse pyrolytic ovens.

Steam cleaning

Cleaning is a breeze with steam. A 30-minute light oven cleaning that's chemical-free. Just add water and vinegar, turn on the steam cycle and wait until the grime is softened and loosened. Grab a cloth, some detergent and wipe. Your oven is clean again. Easy.

Find out more about Westinghouse steam ovens.

Traditional cleaning

Mix four parts of baking soda with one part of water and mix it together until it forms a thick paste. Then use a cooking spatula (some similar utensil that helps spread the mix) and spread the mix on the dirtiest parts of your oven only and let it sit for about thirty minutes. After that, grab a grout sponge and dip the sponge in straight vinegar and then just scrub vigorously. All the dirt should come out easily.

Find out more quick tips on cleaning home appliances.

What is Pyrolytic cleaning?

During a Pyrolytic cleaning cycle, the door will automatically lock when the temperature in the oven approaches 300˚C. The cycle can take between one and a half hours or two and a half hours depending on how intense you want the clean to be. During the pyrolytic cleaning cycle, there may be some burn off odours. It is advised to keep the room well ventilated during this cycle.

Find out more about Westinghouse pyrolytic ovens.

What is a Steam Bake oven?

The steam bake function is ideal to use when baking bread or general bakery products. By using steam with this function, you are able to create a hard crust on your food before they rise over the baking process, which allows your food to retain its moisture and limit drying out.

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Is it normal for my oven’s fan to run after the oven has been turned off?

Yes, this is normal. The fan stays on for a period of time in order to help cool the oven.

Oven or grill not working?

There are a few things you can check to see why your oven or grill is not working:

  • Check your time of day is set, you cannot use your oven/ grill without this being set.

  • Check your power is turned on, or your household fuse hasn't blown/ power supply is off.

  • You controls may be incorrectly set. See your user manual to reset.

  • Your oven may be in demo mode. Refer to the 'Using your oven' section in your user manual.

  • The child-proof lock on your oven is activated. 'LOCKED' is displayed when the control is touched. refer to your user manual for further instructions.

Alternatively you can contact the Customer Care Centre on 09 573 2220.

How to change your clock time
  • The following video link will demonstrate how to set your timer for the following oven models: WVE615DSCA, WVE617DSC, WVE627DSC. Video here.

  • The following video link will demonstrate how to set your timer for the following oven model WVEP618. Video here
Dishwasher FAQs
How much water does a dishwasher use?

Dishwashers use less energy and water than washing dishes by hand. To be more precise, dishwashers use around 10L of water per wash compared to 60L handwashing. You can save more than 15,000L of water per year by switching from handwashing to dishwashing.

Find out more about Westinghouse dishwashers.

How do you use your dishwasher?

When it comes to doing the dishes you can choose the program that suits you, whether you have a few dishes, half a load or a full load you can choose our Fast 30, Time Saver or Half Load program. Find below some quick tips on how to set your dishwasher or visit our website for more information about Westinghouse dishwashers.

  • Rinse dirty dishes before placing them in the washer.

  • Load the dishwasher starting from the bottom rack and angle everything down to ensure a better clean.

  • Load the top rack with cups and glasses facing down.

  • Put the right amount of detergent in or tablet.

  • To save on water and energy, if possible, run the lightest cycle.
How do you load a dishwasher?

See our dishwasher stacking guide here

Tips for a more efficient dishwasher loading:

  • Place all the plates and bowls, casseroles, pans on the bottom rack of the dishwasher angled down so that they get a better cleaning result.

  • Cups and glasses go on the top rack facing downwards.

  • Utensils such as forks, spoons, etc. are to be placed in the flatware basket. To get a better clean, make sure to place forks up, spoons up and others down so that they do not nest together, and for safety reasons, knives should be placed with the blade down.
What should I do if my dishwasher isn’t running?

If your dishwasher won’t run, check to determine if it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • A circuit breaker is tripped in your home, or a fuse is blown.

  • The water supply to your home is not on.

  • The dishwasher’s cycle setting needs to be checked and adjusted

  • The dishwasher’s DELAY START option was selected.

  • The door of the dishwasher is not completely closed and latched.

Why do I see detergent left in the dishwasher dispenser after a cycle?

If you see detergent remaining in the dispenser after a cycle is finished, try the following:

  • Be sure to use fresh detergent, as older detergent might not dissolve well.

  • Check to ensure that the spray arm is not blocked, so that water from it can reach the dispenser.

  • Check to see if the cycle has completed.

  • When loading the dishwasher, make sure the detergent dispenser can open freely.

  • Before you close the door, check that the upper rack is firmly attached to/with the nozzle on the back of the dishwasher.
Fridge FAQs
What is a bottom mount fridge?

A bottom mount refrigerator is simply a fridge that has the freezer compartment at the bottom. They come in a variety of sizes (litres), allowing you to select based on your food storage needs.

Find out more about Westinghouse Bottom Mount Fridges.

What is a French door fridge freezer?

French door fridges are two door fridges designed for larger households as they have additional storage space.

Find out more about Westinghouse French Door Fridges.

What temperature should a fridge be?

The Australian Institute of Food Safety recommends storing food in a refrigerator that reaches no more than 5 degrees Celsius.

Find out more about Westinghouse FlexSpace flexible temperature control feature.

How do you stack a fridge?

We have created a helpful fridge stacking guide here. Stacked with practical tips and tricks – from where to store the milk to make sure it remains fresh, to where to keep the fruit and veggies to keep them crisper for longer- the guide is designed to help busy Australian families maximise fridge space, keep food fresher for longer and make it easier to find things, ultimately reducing chaos, while saving time and money.

Find out more articles about managing your home and family life at The Un-Glossy.

How often should I change my fridge water filter?

For peace of mind that your family are drinking pure tasting water. It is advised to change your water filter every 6 months, or when the water filter indicated is activated on your fridge. For more information on water filter health benefits, click here.

Freezer FAQs
What temperature should a freezer be?

The Australian Institute of Food Safety recommends storing food in the freezer at -18 °C. Check temperatures periodically to ensure your appliances are at the recommended temperature.

Find out more Westinghouse freezer features.

What is a chest freezer?

These freezers are known as chest freezers because of their large box or chest shape. Chest freezers are considered the most affordable freezers. Available in a large range of sizes to suit your shopping habits, chest freezers are commonly used to free up space in the main freezer and placed in the garage, utility room or basement of a house.

Find out more about Westinghouse chest freezers.

How can I keep my refrigerator or freezer smelling fresh?

Freshness in your refrigerator or freezer can be affected by how food is stored. Some foods have a strong odour, so be sure to cover them tightly.

After you’ve checked how your food is stored, try cleaning the interior of your freezer with a sponge, warm water, and baking soda.

Why does the outside of my freezer feel warm?

It is normal for the outside freezer walls to be warmer than room temperature. This happens when the compressor is working to transfer heat from inside the freezer.

Microwave FAQs
What size is a built-in microwave?

Built-in microwaves are designed to fit standard cabinets widths, which can have different capacities from 25L to 44L, or more.

Enter your space dimension to find a suitable built-in microwave for you.

What is a built-in microwave oven?

Built-in microwaves are design to fit into cabinetry, which allows for free space on the counter. Built-in microwaves need to be installed permanently and are normally fixed in walls or cabinets. The installation needs to be done by a licensed contractor and you need to be aware of any restrictions around height position from the floor and breathing space around the sides.

Find out more about Westinghouse microwaves.