Westinghouse has teamed up with a leading nutritionist, to create the Foolproof Fridge Stacking Guide: Tips for the Modern Kiwi Family to help eliminate kitchen chaos.

Stacked with practical tips and tricks – from where to store the milk to make sure it remains fresh, to where to keep the fruit and veggies to keep them crisper for longer- the guide is designed to help busy New Zealand families maximise fridge space, keep food fresher for longer and make it easier to find things, ultimately reducing chaos, while saving time and money.

See our top tips to eliminating fridge chaos:

1. Fridge Door

  • The door of the fridge experiences the greatest fluctuations in temperature, particularly if the fridge is open and closed frequently. Therefore, store the most stable items here including mustard, chutney and other condiments, butter, jam, drinks, nutrition supplements and any medications requiring refrigeration. Ensure the medications are on the top door shelf, out of reach of younger children.

  • With FlexStor™ you enjoy the convenience of being able to easily change the configuration of your fridge, whatever your needs. Adjust the height and position of the door bins to fit in large and smaller items and arrange your fridge your way. 

2. Top shelves

  • The upper shelves will be slightly warmer so ready to eat foods such as cheese and yoghurt should live here.

3. Middle shelves

  • The middle shelves are cooler with less temperature fluctuation so keep unopened dairy here.

  • Stock up on healthy snacks for the kids and store them at child-friendly eye level. Washed berries or cut up veggies and a tub of natural yoghurt work a treat!

4. Bottom shelf

  • Store raw meat and fish in sealed containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge. This ensures that if there any leaked juices, they won’t contaminate other items in the fridge. Yuck!

  • Pop items with the shortest shelf life at the front of the fridge to remind you to use them before the expiry – here, they’ll be easy to grab quickly at your next family barbeque.

5. Crisper Drawer

  • Store your fruit and veggies in the FlexFresh™ Crisper as this helps to extend their shelf life. Move the divider to suit your groceries and enable you to keep your fruit and veggies separate, as fruit gives off ethylene – a natural chemical in the plant involved in ripening the fruit – and this can cause the other produce to spoil more quickly.

6. Family Safe™ lockable compartment

  • Store items not for everyday eating, or those you don’t want the kids helping themselves to such as a special dessert or chocolate, in the Westinghouse FamilySafe™ lockable compartment.
Download or print the Foolproof Fridge Stacking Guide here.
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