Few things divide seemingly rational people as quickly as an argument about how best to stack the dishwasher. Some people like order, others like to shove everything in any old way, and some people think they get better value per wash if they push as much in there as possible. So if you would like to bring some harmony to your household, read on.

The outbreak of war

Housemates, couples, families - all argue over what is the best way to stack the dishwasher. Some people have worked out that if they do a bad enough job with the dishes, someone else will do it for them out of sheer desperation. No judgment here.

Stacking dishwashers in different ways

Settling the debate once and for all

Every tip listed here is all about giving your dirty dishes the best chance of ending up clean. We’re not taking sides, and really don’t mind how you stack, this is all about results.

Cracking stacking

  • Place items on an angle so that water can drain off them.
  • Place the dirty side facing inwards, so they get a better clean.
  • If you put items on top of each other, some things won’t get cleaned
  • Heavy items like pots or pans go at the bottom, just like when packing groceries into a bag.
  • Lighter items go in the middle or top basket: cups, glasses, small plates and bowls.
  • Cutlery: we know it’s tempting, but don’t just throw everything in there together. If you can try and place each piece in leaving a bit of space around it, you will notice the difference.

Tips for masters

Nailing the above already? You must be a master! Here a few more tricks you can try:

  • Don’t place wood (like chopping boards or wooden spoons) in the dishwasher.
  • Dishes that have protein on them should be placed around the edge of the dishwasher, as the water moves more slowly around the outside and so cleans longer.
  • Whilst you should scrape your plate to get rid of excess food, you don’t need to actually rinse your dishes.

Westinghouse features:

  • Use the Hygiene option to get the perfect hygienic clean on the items that need it most. Ideal for chopping boards, knives and baby products, this clever feature sanitises your wash for pure, fresh results.
  • FlexZone Wash Every load is different. That’s why we created upper, lower or both basket zones to give you the flexibility to wash smaller loads when you need to. Plus, you’ll also enjoy the added environmental benefits of saving water and energy. (except WSF6606)
  • Height adjustable upper basket: for added convenience, the height adjustable upper basket can be easily lifted even when fully loaded. What’s more, with the flexibility to adjust the upper basket as you need, you’ll always find a place for everything.

We hope this helps the arguing at your place, at least on this one issue. 

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