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As cooler weather hits, getting through a couple of loads of washing or drying much-needed jumpers can be trickier than usual. When clothes take longer to wash or dry, they can pick up musty odours or mould. To avoid this and more time being taken on your laundry process, we’ve shared five tips to help you tackle your washing loads in preparation for wet and winter weather.

While you might not be able to rely on the weather report, you can trust our dryers to quickly turn your laundry from dirty to do.

No matter whether you’ve got four loads of washing for the entire family or need a quick solution to wash and dry in a smaller apartment space, keep reading for our tips below.

1. Invest in a quality dryer

Winter weather changes the way we do our laundry but this can be made simple with the appliances you have. Considering line-drying and hanging clothes around the house isn’t a practical or efficient solution to drying your clothes, it’s important to invest in a good dryer. At Westinghouse, our EasyCare range of heat pump feature gentle drying, high performance and energy efficiency with 7-star energy ratings.

For smaller spaces, a washer-dryer combo like our 9kg Front Load Washer Dryer Combo (WWW9024M5WA) is a great option if your laundry is tight on space. It allows you get the whole cycle done in one go, without having to move your washing to-and-from different appliances.

If your space allows, stacking a washing machine and dryer using our universal stacking kit is perfect to maximise space.


2. Add an extra spin cycle to rid excess moisture

Recent TikTok trends have offered a solution to getting rid of excess moisture on clothes by putting your washing load through another spin cycle. When dealing with heavier or larger jackets, towels and sheets, doing an additional cycle after your washing machine has finished its regular cycle will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for them to dry.

This can be on a lower setting to avoid wrinkling and with our 10kg EasyCare Top Load Washer (WWT1084C7SA), now you can adjust your washing time cycle even more with Fast Wash Programs to remove excess moisture from your clothes.


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3. Clean dryer filter regularly

Ensuring that you’re removing any lint build-up from your dryer filter after every cycle is essential. Lint can clog your dryer filter and stop your dryer from working as efficiently as possible, meaning that it can take longer to dry.

Clean your dryer filter with a damp cloth or wash it under warm water, making sure it is completely dry before putting it back into the machine. This ensures your dryer is working to the best of its ability to dry your wet, cold clothes without re-drying or over-drying.

4. Delay your start

When choosing a washing machine or dryer, choose one with a delay start feature, like our 10kg EasyCare Front Load Washer (WWF1044M7WA) and our 8kg EasyCare 7000 Series Heat Pump Dryer (WDH804N8WA), to adjust or delay the start and end of your washing and drying loads. This lets you do the laundry at times that are most efficient to you and your family’s commitments and avoids you having to leave your clothes to sit in cold air, absorbing additional moisture which can lead to mould.

How To Clean Mould With Anita Birges

5. Embrace the colder weather and water

Cold weather means throwing on extra layers which equals your laundry basket piling up a lot faster. By washing in cold water, you can save money on your electricity bill and also reduce your carbon emissions, as about 90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes towards heating the water. Every household that switches to cold water washing could eliminate approximately 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide a year*. Our range of EasyCare front load and top load washers offer PreMix+ technology for a better wash and blend of your liquid detergent at cooler temperatures. PreMix+ blends detergent with water and pressure sprays it onto the load to maintain the colouring of your clothes to give your winter clothes a tough, cool wash.

*Sierra Club, 2022

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