It’s a fact of life that everything changes when kids come into the picture – including doing the laundry. With more clothes to wash and more stains to scrub out, laundry day post-children means more time, effort, money and energy spent.

And while running around to extra-curricular activities, making dinner and supermarket trips don’t slow down, it’s no surprise that Kiwis tend to develop unusual laundry traits.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Josh Hawkins, better known as HiJosh, to uncover solutions to the bad laundry habits you may not even know you have. Josh, having almost every piece of clothing tainted by mysterious baby stains, began uncovering new ways to undo his irregular laundry patterns and revive his and his wife’s clothes.

1. Wet clothes don’t mean clean clothes

We know people forgot about taking their clean but wet clothes out of the washing, often leading to re-washing and using more water. Josh confesses this is his number one laundry mistake – having to re-wash perfectly clean clothes that he’d forgotten about and had developed that wet smell – you know the one.

Married couples are more likely to do loads between other tasks (30%) which cause them to forget about or lose track of time for the washed laundry sitting in their machine. Luckily, our 9kg Front Load Washer Dryer Combo (WWW9024M5WA) is the perfect wash-and-dry combination, ensuring you don’t think twice about moving your wet clothes to the dryer or line.

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2. Say goodbye to ‘eaten’ socks…forever

Too often, socks are lost in transit to or from the laundry, trapped behind or between machines, or ‘eaten’ by dryers. Seriously, where do they go?! But can it be that Kiwis are just not looking after them once they come off?

Josh admits, “Socks are a problem. I have a habit of kicking them off in bed and not unfolding them before I put them in the wash. Sometimes I even kick them under the bed instead of putting them in the basket.”

This sock chaos can be avoided by turning the pair inside out and placing them inside a mesh bag to be tossed into the washing machine.

3. Social media hacks vs. a good washing machine

Josh describes his and his wife’s clothes as “extra stained. It’s not just adding two more people’s loads, but also everything that we wear as parents ends up with banana, spew and mysterious stains. Everything has way more gunk on it that we need to clean almost immediately.”
Westinghouse Laundry range
These new (and mysterious) stains have turned Josh and his wife, Cat, to testing a few social media laundry hacks. Admitting to adding vinegar or dishwashing liquid to their loader, Josh admits to having tried a few hacks since certain clothes weren’t cleaning well. To make life even easier, our EasyCare range of washers features PreMix+ technology that blends detergent with water to remove the toughest of stains, meaning you won’t need to make any potions.

Josh reveals he also swears by one gross laundry trick he didn’t learn from TikTok – the ‘sniff test’. And while Josh loves it to decipher between his usual mix of dirty and clean clothes, he admits the solution can be to pack his fresh, ready washing away to avoid any confusion. But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen!
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