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New Zealand households, whether it be a family of four or a group of roommates, are working hard to juggle school drop off, evening workout classes, all while sustaining a work-life balance in their busy schedule. Thankfully, Westinghouse has paid attention to Kiwi’s needs, as well as their most pressing cooking concerns, creating a range of innovative kitchen appliances to help get the household jobs done.

We spoke to five everyday New Zealanders about their biggest cooking frustrations – and answered them with solutions from our latest range of kitchen appliances.


“My biggest concern is not knowing if I have enough time to cook when trying something new. Somehow the prep time in recipes always seems to be underestimated - and they never include clean-up time!” - Oliver

When you’re cooking to an arrival deadline, or need to be somewhere, knowing how long it will take to prep a meal can be tough. The 60cm Multi-Function 19 Dark Stainless-Steel Oven (WVEP6918DD) and 90cm Multi-Function 17 Dark Stainless-Steel Oven (WVEP9917DD) have double AirFry trays allowing you to double down on cooking time while making healthier, tastier foods for the whole family.

To help with the clean-up, the ovens give the option of self-cleaning PyroClean. Often when ovens are turned on to an extremely high temperature it turns grease and grime into ash. However, with the help of PyroClean, you can ensure your oven stays brand new. All you need to do is simply wipe the residue away - no nasty chemicals, no greasy mess – just a sparkling clean oven with minimal effort.

Ensure your food is cooked to perfection with the Bake +Steam and Roast +Steam features while being made on time with Westinghouse oven’s programmable timer, letting you plan your start and finish cooking time to the minute, so that you can focus on delivering delicious meals when it suits you best.


“I can’t stand making 4 meals a night - one for each family member’s tastes. It means that everything takes so much longer.” - Isla

We know that our little Kiwis (and even our grown-ups) can be fussy, or in some cases, have a broad range of dietary requirements. This can get tough when you’re working with limited space – so Westinghouse have created a range of cooktops that allows you to multi-task with ease.

Designed with a busy family kitchen in mind, our 90cm 5 Zone Induction Cooktop (WHI955BD) can cater for even the biggest pots and pans with our Bridge Zone feature, allowing you to use two induction zones separately or link them together when cooking for a crowd. If you’re multitasking on the cooktop, our BoilProtect function helps prevent spills and overflows too, letting you turn your attention to the burner next door or any of life’s other little interruptions, before resuming right where you left off.

If you are on the hunt for a gas cooktop our 90cm 5 Zone Gas Cooktop with BoilProtect (WHG959BD) is designed with hardworking kitchens in mind, allowing you to spend more time cooking and less time cleaning as its flat surfaces gives foods and spills nowhere to hide, making cleaning a breeze. While ensuring your multiple meals are cooked to perfection with the smart Dual Valve flame letting you go from boil to simmer in an instant.




“I live in a small apartment, so I often opt for takeaway over cooking to avoid my home smelling for days.” - Charlotte

We know there is nothing more off-putting than getting up the next morning, and still smelling last night’s fish curry. With Westinghouse rangehoods from our 86cm Integrated Rangehood (WRI825BC) to 90cm Stainless Steel Canopy Hood (WRC924SC) you can clear your home of cooking odours, vapours and excess heat in no time at all with powerful extraction rates.

Even better, our easily removable aluminium micro-mesh filters can simply be washed safely in your dishwasher or hand-washed to keep your rangehood looking great and performing well with next to no effort.


“I live in a very busy household where we are always rushing from one place to the next so I love to meal prep my lunches for college, but I find the meals don’t stay fresh as long as they should. Also, as I am usually rushing out the door, I want to be able to see my meals straightaway.” - Noah

Thankfully, the Westinghouse fridges such as 564L French Door Fridge (WQE5660BA) and 564L French Door Fridge black (WQE5650BA) are built so you can properly store your pre-cooked meals and fresh produce. While catering for the whole family and their individual needs with its complete storage solution featuring eight full-width door bins.

Rushing out the door for the school run has got a whole lot easier with the addition of two new FreshDrawers so you can grab the packed lunches and go.

Reduce food waste with our FreshSeal Crispers, they do exactly what they say – keep your food fresher for longer. These sealed crispers with automatic humidity control give you the flexibility to look after your fruit and vegetables the right way.


"I love cooking with my children as I want them to know the importance of cooking fresh, nutritious meals. However, with little kids there is always a spillage usually on their clothes or mine!” – Jack

Cooking with children means there will be a mess and plenty of it, but that is half the fun! With Westinghouse washing machines you can ensure your food-ridden clothes come out as good as new thanks to our PreMix+ technology. PreMix+ blends detergent with water and pressure sprays it onto the load to reduce detergent residue on your garments, to keep your kids’ clothes in tip-top condition.

The last-minute dash to dry the freshly cleaned uniforms has been made easier with our higher spin speed that expertly extracts more moisture from your clothes. This means a shorter drying time - a win-win for every household!


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