When you cook in your oven, you’re more than likely to end up with splatters, grease and grime coating its walls, runners and doors. Often, when these kinds of residue are baked on at high heat, they can be difficult to clean off with just a simple swipe of cleaning solution.

Thanks to our PyroClean setting available in the self-cleaning ovens, now you can wash up easier and say goodbye to abrasive oven cleaning products and solutions.

How does PyroClean work?

Most, if not all, of our Westinghouse ovens and free-standing cookers, offer PyroClean. This feature cleans by burning off the spatters and accumulated dirt and grease from the oven liner at high temperatures, producing ash which can then be wiped out of the oven cavity.

Key rules to consider when using PyroClean

1. Remove your favourite baking trays

During the pyrolytic oven, a self-cleaning oven, cleaning process, the cooking oven becomes extremely hot. Never clean non-stick baking trays and tins in the oven during this process as the high temperatures damage the non-stick coating of your accessories. Remove all trays and pans leftover from the night before to avoid ruining your quality of dishes.

2. Remove oven accessories when using PyroClean

All accessories must be removed from the oven, including shelves, trays and side racks, and the cooktop is not to be used. This ensures you’re getting a thorough clean of your oven without any obstructions and avoiding any overheating that could jeopardise your appliance’s performance. It’s important to make sure you’re doing this before the pyrolytic feature begins, as the oven door remains locked for the process until the oven cavity has cooled to a safe temperature.

3. Adjust your cleaning cycle to suit you

Select the cleaning cycle right for you. PyroClean allows you to choose from a light clean (1 hour and 30 mins), normal clean (2 hours) or intense clean (2 hours and 30 mins) on your 60cm Multi-Function 17 Pyrolytic Oven (WVEP618DSD)*. These durations include heat-up time, but exclude cool-down time, meaning it may take a little longer for your oven to be completely cool to touch.

To select which cleaning cycle is right for you: a light clean is an energy-saving cycle that can be used on a regular basis if the oven is lightly spoiled after every second or third cook, whereas the normal and intense cycles are for a deep cycle every 2-3 months.

Self-cleaning oven with PyroClean features

4. Wipe ash away with ease

After cooling down, you’re able to wipe the ash out of the oven with a soft, damp cloth and warm water. You can use mild detergent for a nice smelling aroma if this is your preference.

Not sure when to clean your oven? No fear! The self-cleaning oven comes with a PyroCLean feature of cleaning reminder to let you know when it’s ready for light or deep cleaning if you ever forget.

5. Ventilation is key

Although the fumes released by this setting are not harmful to humans, infants, or persons with medical conditions, ensuring there is plenty of ventilation in the room is important. By opening a window or turning on an air purifier, you can limit air pollution and better overall well-being in your home when cleaning.

*Other oven models may only have two settings: light and normal.

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