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Dabbling in the kitchen and opening his first doughnut store – Bistro Morgan - at fifteen, Morgan Hipworth’s natural affinity with baking has seen him build an impressive empire, appear on Junior MasterChef and SharkTank, train with some of the best pastry chefs in the world and gain an impressive following of over 1 million followers on TikTok.

We recently sat down with Morgan to chat about everything from kitchen renovations to sweet (and savoury treats) and sage advice for everyone looking to up their culinary skills.

1. You recently renovated your kitchen. What are your top tips for people looking to renovate or update?

In short – understand your needs, balance aesthetics and functionality, invest in quality cooking appliances, plan for storage and consider your process when designing.

A functional kitchen needs to fit your cooking style and process. Consider the layout of your kitchen, as well as the placement of appliances, prep areas and other cooking areas.

Your kitchen space should allow seamless movement from one task to the next, while being beautiful and practical. A warm, inviting space will spark creativity. The finishing touch, to me, is quality appliances. They’re built to last, and also offer features and functionality that ultimately enhance the cooking experience.

2. Can you share your process when creating new recipes, either sweet or savoury?

I start with inspiration, which can come from anywhere— whether it's travel, dining, or even a conversation. Then, I brainstorm how I can make it accessible for home cooks. After drafting a basic recipe, I experiment in the kitchen, adjusting as I cook. The key is testing and retesting until it's just right. For those getting creative at home, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, test and adjust.

3. Why Westinghouse cooking appliances?

You can always rely on Westinghouse appliances to do exactly what it says on the box. For instance, my 90cm Westinghouse oven is an absolute must. So much so that I have two of them! Its large capacity and multi-functionality make it perfect for both my professional work and personal cooking. It’s easy-to-use, while having a range of features that make every session in the kitchen efficient and enjoyable.


4. What’s your favourite cooking technique?

I'm a big fan of baking, with its unique combination of science and creativity. It is a great way to introduce children to cooking. The Westinghouse ovens ensures your baking is a success with its EasyBake +Steam function so your baked goods will have a fluffier centre, a better rise and crispier crust.

5. What are your favourite things to cook at home (both sweet and savoury) in your new kitchen using your 90cm AirFry oven?

I enjoy baking a wide variety of sweet pastries, such as tarts and entremets (French cakes). For savoury, I love creating innovative twists on classic dishes - like an air-fried chicken that's healthier but still packed with flavour, or my super delicious crispy pork belly bao.

6. How do you arrange the spaces in your kitchen, and what does the perfect kitchen set-up look like for you?

My kitchen is set up to support an efficient workflow, with appliances and equipment placed very strategically so I can move seamlessly through the kitchen. I also have a dedicated space for content creation with good light for filming. A perfect kitchen setup for me is one that allows me to cook comfortably while also catering to my professional needs as a chef and content creator, so I can share new recipes and techniques with my friends, family, and followers.

7. With the cost of living being front of mind for many Australians right now, what are your tips when it comes to low-cost meal prep that is still fun and healthy for families?

Firstly, plan your meals. This not only saves time but also helps minimise food waste. Using seasonal produce will also cut your costs, while being far fresher and more sustainable than sourcing produce that has had to be transported long distances or preserved.

Cooking in bulk and freezing for later also saves time, money and greatly helps control portion sizes.

Cook from scratch where possible, as it’s both healthier and cheaper, and finally – get creative with leftovers. This saves money and time, reduces waste, and challenges your culinary skills.

8. What are the standout features for each of your Westinghouse appliances?

My Westinghouse French Door Fridge has FlexSpace convertible drawers and a SmartSplit door design make organisation of all my key ingredients a breeze. The Pyrolytic (self-cleaning) Oven is great for its AirFry and EasyBake +Steam functions, enabling me to do so much more with a single appliance. The built-in combi microwave's convection and grill functionality offers so much more versatility than any traditional microwave I’ve used, too. And finally, when it comes to clean-up - the dishwasher's SensorWash and fast 30-minute wash are a lifesaver when I’ve just finished a solid stint in the kitchen and am on a tight schedule.

airfry cooking with westinghouse appliances

9. Finally - what’s your fondest memory of your cooking journey?

One of my most cherished memories would be when I first supplied a local cafe with my homemade pastries. It marked the beginning of my professional journey, and seeing the positive responses was incredibly rewarding. It gave me the positive reinforcement to keep learning and from that moment, so much more seemed possible.

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