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Entertaining season and summer go hand in hand and with both just around the corner, we’ve curated tips to ensure you are the host with the most this season. From getting ahead of the clean up, to how to tackle the dreaded last-minute dinner guest and adding those perfect finishing touches, we have it all in this festive guide.

1. Prep for the clean-up ahead of time

It’s all fun and games entertaining at home until it comes to the dreaded clean up at the end of night (or even worse the next morning). But dread no more and thank your past self by starting with an empty dishwasher ahead of the festivities. We know it might sound simple but hear us out. As the night begins to wind down and celebrations wrap up, there is truly no better feeling than opening an empty dishwasher as it is a surefire way to get on top of the cleaning game efficiently.

Westinghouse's latest range of dishwashers have innovative features from adjusting the right cycle time to a smart sensor that adjusts the wash cycle length to ensure sparkling clean dishes post-party.

Additionally, no longer worry about those oversized dishes that used to be a hassle to clean. They can now fit with ease in the bottom basket with our height-adjustable upper basket. Even if it's fully loaded, it’s easily lifted to fit the most awkward items underneath.



2. Add simple touches to bring the party mood

Enhance your summer dinner party experience with thoughtful details that will make your guests think you hired a professional party planner!

1. Adding flowers to the table creates not only a gorgeous look and feel to your table but a delightful smell too.
2. Set the stage for the mouth-watering food you have prepared with a sparkling clean tablecloth.
3. Adding personalised name settings for each of your guests is a lovely heartfelt gesture that will make them feel welcomed and cherished while leaving a lasting impression.

3. Plan for extra

“The more the merrier” is usually the reply when someone asks for a plus one. However additional people means extra food, storage, and space needed.

You can rely on Westinghouse’s cooktops to be ready to feed your guests with features perfect for entertainers. Westinghouse's 90cm Induction cooktop allows you to cater for any additional guests thanks to its Bridge zone setting which lets you use two induction zones separately or link them together when you’re cooking for a crowd.

Worried that your kitchen will smell of the meal you have prepared? Don't fret, Westinghouse is here to help clear the air with its Hob2Hood technology. Compatible rangehoods work seamlessly with your induction cooktop perfect to clear your kitchen of cooking smells and steam ahead of hosting people in your home.

You have the space to cook your food but what about storing leftovers? With the 564L French Door Fridge (WQE5650BA) there's a space for everything. Maximise the organisation in your fridge with the addition of two fresh drawers located under the FreshSeal crispers, store your appetisers in one and the fruit for the dessert in the other, keeping your shelves clear and your food at your fingertips.
FreshSeal Crispers

4. Enjoy and cherish the moment

While an essential element of hosting a dinner party is the food, it is also important to create an experience that your guests will cherish for years to come. Your guests will feed off your energy so if you are having fun your guests will too! Music and lighting go hand in hand when ensuring everyone is having fun. Dimmed, warmed lighting creates a welcoming ambience allowing people to really relax while a good playlist ensures everyone will be up on their feet and letting their hair down.
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