At Westinghouse, we know your upcoming social calendar may be bombarded by visitors; friends of friends or extended family who are coming to visit for the long weekend and holiday break. To help you stay on top of the cleaning, we’ve shared essential ways to organise two areas of the home - the kitchen and the laundry - before guests arrive and stay. Now you can get the whole family involved in quick and easy house chores that make a big impact in smaller time frames. Discover the ways to organise the home from cleaning the kitchens, ovens, fridges to maintain laundry with these 6 essential tips.

The heart of the home: organising the kitchen

The kitchen is where guests will congregate in the morning or before a family meal to see if they can lend a helping hand. With all the upcoming cooking and hosting, it’s essential that your countertops, oven, and cooktop are sparkling clean.

1. Ensure all surfaces are sparkling clean

It’s essential all countertops and high-touch surfaces, like your refrigerator doors, are wiped down and disinfected. This presents well for when guests arrive and keeps the most important area of your home sanitary for your guests.

2. No one wants to cook in a dirty oven

Often, well-meaning guests will offer to help with the cooking and cleaning until they notice the oven in a dire state. Avoid the stress by running the PyroClean function of your 60cm Multi-function 17 Pyrolytic Oven (WVEP618DSD) a day before guests arrive to ensure your oven is free of any excess grease and ready to go when you begin cooking for visitors.

3. Prepare your fridge for entertaining

Now you can adapt your fridge temperature settings in time for visitors arriving, thanks to the FlexSpace Convertible Compartment of our 609L French Door Refrigerator (WHE6170BB). This gives you and your guests the flexibility to alter your temperature preferences to suit what ingredients you’re using and gives you the chance to chill your drinks, freeze your meat or store your deli snacks quickly ahead of time with the touch of a button within two hours.

4. No more grubby fingerprints

If it’s been some time since you’ve had guests over, it’s important to refresh your cutlery and serving pieces before you serve them. Now you can do this the day or hour before with the Fast Wash cycles, including Fast 30, Time Saver or Half Load program of our Freestanding Dishwasher (WSF6608KXA), to ensure there is no fingerprints or stained spots on your serving ware. Not only does this leave a good impression on guests but gives you extra time to spend with them by cutting down on the clean-up when hosting and playing with the kids.

Behind the scenes: organising the laundry

While the laundry is often tucked away in the home, it may be stumbled upon when guests stay the night, especially if it is connected to a main or guest bathroom being used.

5. Remove all clutter

Is your laundry attached to one of your guest bathrooms? If so, what’s lurking about? To ensure you’re covering all bases, start by putting away any clothes or towels that need folding.

6. Last-minute refresher

Now you can quickly wash any last-minute clothes you forgot about thanks to the time-sensitive laundry technology in our EasyCare laundry range. While you’re at it, you can wash all machine-safe items in your bathrooms, like bath and hand towels, and bathmats in little time before guests arrive using our Fast 15. Check out how cleaning and organisation expert, Anita Birges, washes her bathmats and towels here.

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