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Cooktops have come a long way - they are more efficient, flexible and full of practical features that help you spend less time in the kitchen. Even if you’re not a pro-chef, the latest cooktops will have you whipping up delicious meals without a hassle. At Westinghouse, we’re all about simple, stress-free cooking and helping consumers cook with ease and confidence. If you’ve recently installed a new cooktop or you're in the market for one, our Westinghouse cooking experts have got you covered with the dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

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Safety should always be a top priority and at Westinghouse we understand just how important it is. That is why our cooktops have a range of safety features for you and your family. If you’re cooking with gas and the cooktop flame unexpectedly goes out, the Flame Failure Device will automatically shut down the gas supply. We also offer heat indicators on our ceramic cooktops to show activated hotplates as well as hotplates that are still cooling down.


There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. Which is why owning a Westinghouse cooktop with the BoilProtect feature is so great! BoilProtect detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a low simmer so you can get other things done instead of constantly monitoring your cooktop.* Then, when you’re ready to cook, you can enjoy the same freedom - just set the cooking time and your cooktop will automatically turn the heat off for you so you can get other tasks done. So, whatever takes you away from the kitchen, and for however long, you can return to perfectly cooked food.
Westinghouse Induction Cooktops - BoilProtect


Great for large families, dinner parties or, for those that love to meal prep - Westinghouse makes it easier to cook in bulk. With functions like MaxiZone and FlexZone, larger pots or pans are catered for with ease. MaxiZone ensures heat is delivered consistently to help cook your dishes to perfection with ease while FlexZone gives you room to move. The feature gives you the freedom to use two induction zones separately or link them together when you’re cooking for a crowd.


We know that life happens and can be full of distractions. But with Westinghouse you don’t have to worry about those distractions getting in the way of a well-cooked meal. The clever Pause function gives you the power to simply touch the Pause icon on your cooktop so all operating induction zones drop to Keep Warm mode. Then when you’re ready to get back to cooking, you can hit Pause again and pick back up where you left off - you don’t even have to remember what temperature you were at, the cooktop will do it all for you!

*Applies to stainless steel and enameled pots filled with water only.

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