Common wisdom says hand washing is less water hungry and more hygienic. Modern dishwasher technology means the opposite is true. Here, Westinghouse shares the benefits of dishwashing over hand washing - welcome news to many, because no one ever said, “I want to spend more time doing the dishes.”


As a hygienic and water-efficient option, the Westinghouse Dishwasher (makes life easier. In order to actively banish all those unwanted germs and bacteria, water temperature is required to be at 60°C or higher – which is too hot – and therefore dangerous for the human hand. However, in the dishwasher, 60°C or higher is standard, achieving clean dishes, every time.


When hand washing the dishes, especially if using free-flowing water, you can’t always effectively monitor how much water you’re using. By leaving the water running as you clean and rinse the dishes, not only wastes water but will add to your next water bill. On top of this, many of us tend to feel that the dishwasher can only be used for a full load. With the Westinghouse Dishwasher, you not only save water, but with the convenient FlexZone feature, you can use the dishwasher for half-load washes and not worry about wasting any extra water or energy.


Dishwashing will wash the dishes for you, leaving you free to tackle other tasks, ultimately saving you time. Hand washing will do the opposite. It’ll not only eat up your time at the end of a meal, when most of us would prefer to flop on the couch, or finish off those work emails, but it also won’t guarantee an effective hygienic wash. The Westinghouse Dishwasher features three options to suit your needs; Fast 30, Time Saver or Half Load Program – all designed to ensure a faster wash, whenever you need it.

Ease of use

Westinghouse understands that technology is supposed to make life easier and has ensured that our Dishwasher doesn’t need an engineering degree to operate. A key feature for convenience is the FlexRack cutlery tray. It’s got the space for that extra long knife or a pair of tongs and can also be partially or fully removed, so taller items can fit in your top basket when you need. Plus, the height adjustable upper basket can fit those extra large items you’ve previously had to hand wash. Even if your dishwasher is fully loaded, it's easily lifted to fit the most awkward of items underneath.

Westinghouse Dishwasher Features

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