During Christmas, the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why it’s important to prepare for the special day ahead of time to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Organising your kitchen for Christmas is the first step to not only a smooth day but a relaxed day. Ensuring that all bases are covered for the before, during and after of the event is guaranteed to help you enjoy more of the day and stress less about what’s happening behind the scenes (or in the oven).

Read on to find our top three organisation hacks to make preparing for Christmas easier – and more relaxed – than ever.

Before: Prepare to use your oven and stove

With all the upcoming cooking, it's essential that your oven and stove are cleaned and ready to go. Using the right cleaning solution to wipe down the tops and sides, and running the PyroClean function of your Westinghouse oven is the key first step to eliminating residue of previous meals, making way for all the beautiful scents and flavours your Christmas cooking has to offer.

Once the inside of your oven turns on to an extremely high temperature, it will turn grease and grime into ash. All you need to do is simply wipe the residue away. No nasty chemicals or grease mess, just a sparkling clean prepared for your Christmas meal.
Westinghouse Ovens - Pyrolytic Cleaning

During: Adjust your fridge to maximise space

Take everything out and throw away expired food or ingredients (that turkey needs to fit somewhere!). By giving the inside of your fridge, including the shelves and storage containers, a thorough wipe down before organising your fridge space to suit what ingredients you will be pairing or needing for Christmas Day.

For this Christmas occasion, ensure you’ve decided what platters need to go where. Our Westinghouse 619L French Door Refrigerator (WHE6270SB) has Slide Back and Flip Up Shelves to give you the flexibility to transform the layout of your fridge according to what you’ll be making and what people are bringing on the day.
Westinghouse French Door Fridges | Slide Back and Flip up Shelves

After: Get ready for the leftovers

Using practical food storage containers and labeling your leftover food from Christmas makes it easy to visualise what Christmas ingredients you can adapt into different dishes. This ensures you’re reducing the amount of food disposed of after Christmas and organising your fridge to make it clearer what needs to be eaten or transformed into a beautiful post-Christmas meal first.

If you’re interested in what else you can do with your Christmas leftovers, find out more with our tips here.
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