If your washing machine has seen better days, or simply no longer serves your household needs, now you can update your laundry without taking out another mortgage – and with a new modern design.

With recent trends showing that moody, dark interiors are in, we’ve released two new EasyCare top load washers in dark onyx, a beautiful almost black hue for the ultimate in laundry sophistication.

Coming in 9kg and 10kg capacity in black theme, the top load washer, our new models offer easy-to-use controls, everyday fast wash programs and durable, soft-closing glass lids to make sure your clothes are washed with the utmost care and stylish while doing so. Here are 3 other reasons to love the new Westinghouse dark onyx washers.

black top-load washer

Key Features of the Modern Black Top-Load Washer

Here are some tips to help you know more about modern laundry with our new, black top-load washer.

Modern time-teller and programmer for your busy schedule

Waiting hours and listening out for when your laundry is finished is a thing of the past. Our 9kg EasyCare Top Load Washer (WWT9084C7SA) and 10kg EasyCare Top Load Washer (WWT1084C7SA) in dark onyx display a seamless LED countdown time to the program finish, giving you the option select whether your load is a fast 20-minute wash, 45-minute midweek daily wash or Full Load 60 program.

This means now you can get on with your day and organise your washing around your busy schedule of after-school and work activities, weekend family dinners or some me-time for you to relax, without the need to rush back and forth from the laundry room.

Sophisticated (and aesthetically pleasing) way to take care of your clothes

Beneath the premium safety glass and onyx scratch-resistant lid, lies a large drum for the ultimate wash. Designed to treat your clothes with care, the gentle drum has thousands of holes to enhance the water flow rate.

This, with the help of our modern laundry features like, PreMix+ technology and gentle wash programs, blends detergent with water to ensure that it dissolves faster without under-or-overdosing, ensuring the longevity of your clothes and their colour.

A good-looking laundry means good-for-the-environment

Thanks to our new black top load washers, now you can protect your clothes and pocket with the right amount of water distribution for your next wash. Our auto-water level sensor automatically fills the washer with water to just the right level for your clothes load. In other words, now you can give your clothes the best wash while also being considerate and the most efficient in terms of water usage.

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