Happy to help clear the air

With Hob2Hood technology, compatible rangehoods work seamlessly with your induction cooktop to clear your kitchen of cooking smells and steam. As you start cooking, the rangehood will automatically turn on then intuitively adjust the fan speed and airflow to match your cooking. How's that for hands-free convenience?

Happy to help create the perfect crunch
Happy to help keep things bright

Happy to help keep things bright

With low energy use and a high illumination performance, long-lasting LED lights make it easy to keep an eye on your delicious cooking.

Happy to help keep your filters clean

For ease and convenience, our easily removed aluminium micro-mesh filters can simply be washed safely in your dishwasher or hand washed. Keep your rangehood looking great and performing well with next to no effort.

Happy to help keep your filters clean



Rangehood buying guide

Rangehoods are often the least thought of appliance in your kitchen but they're just as important as the others. If you're unsure on the right one for your kitchen, our helpful buying can help you.
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