1. Is it worth getting a washer dryer

Benefits of washer dryer combos

The greatest advantage to owning a washer dryer combo is the ability to put on a load of washing, then come back to it completely washed, dried and ready to be folded and put away. In addition to this efficient system, the washer dryer combo is the perfect solution for people who are low on laundry space - particularly those with a European laundry or living in an apartment. Because the dryer function operates on a condenser system, it doesn’t need to be vented - in fact the machine can be installed anywhere in the house where it can be connected to hot and cold water, be it a bathroom, ensuite or laundry nook. Finally, a washer dryer combo is extremely energy efficient, saving you - and the environment - in the long run.


How do washer dryer combos work?

Perfect for smaller laundry spaces, the washer-dryer combo is a great option for those who want an all-rounder machine. The washing machine function operates exactly like any regular washing machine, with the dryer mechanism operating in much the same way as a condenser dryer - extracting moisture from your garments, cooling it down and discarding it as water, usually through a drainage hose that drains into a sink. A washer dryer combo is unique in that it is able to wash and dry your clothes without you needing to intervene between cycles or remove clothing from one machine and put it in another.


2. Space

The space and layout of your laundry facilities will be a big factor in whether a washer-dryer combo is right for you. For many apartment-dwellers or those without a dedicated laundry room, this model solves two problems in one, in a very compact and efficient way. Many households choose to incorporate the washer-dryer combo into their bathroom design, installing their machines next to the shower or below the vanity.

It’s important to choose a space where your washer-dryer combo can have access to hot and cold water, as well as a sink in which the water can drain. Some families find having it set up in a communal bathroom makes for practical laundry disposal - reducing the need to transport dirty clothing to another room. The Westinghouse Washer Dryer Combo measures 850 (H) x 600 (W) x 660 (D), making it a great choice for your compact space.

3. Load Size

One thing to note about the capacity of the Westinghouse Easy Care washer-dryer combo is that the washing capacity is much larger than the drying capacity - so while it can wash 9kg of clothes in a load, it is only capable of drying 5kg per load. For this reason, the washer-dryer combo is better for smaller households, or households who use the dryer significantly less than the washing machine. The following table should help you decide which washer dryer capacity is right for your household.

Household size

Dryer capacity (kg)

Washer capacity (kg)

1-2 people



2-3 people



3-4 people



4-5 people +




4. Water Efficiency

Washer Dryer Combo’s are more water efficient than top load models. Because the washer-dryer combo uses front-loader technology, it is able to use 60 percent less water than its top-loader counterpart. Additionally, there are several ways in which you can make your laundry habits even more efficient.

Choosing low water levels instead of high, and ensuring you do full loads instead of smaller loads can make the best use of your water supply. The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme is a New Zealand government initiative that helps consumers understand the way their whitegoods use water through labels that convey vital information.

The star rating at the top correlates with how water-efficient a product is, and can be used to compare across different models. These labels will also list the product’s rate of water consumption, which on a washing machine correlates with the litres of water used per wash, and the load capacity of the machine.

Water Efficiency

5. Energy Efficiency

Likewise, New Zealand’s Energy Star-Rating scheme allows consumers to compare their products with similar models to understand how much energy they consume. The more stars, the more energy efficient a product is. The Westinghouse EasyCare Washer-Dryer Combo WWW9024M5WA has a 5 star energy rating for its washing functionality and a 3 star energy rating for its drying functionality. In addition to this, choosing a front-loader washing machine can allow you to save up to 70 percent on energy usage with each load.
Energy Efficiency

6. Speed

The spin cycle on your washing machine works to extract moisture, as well as prevent creases from setting in. While clothes will never be fully dry after a spin cycle, removing excess moisture reduces their drying time overall, whether in an electric dryer or on the line.

All Westinghouse front-loader washing machines, including the washer-dryer combo, come with six spin-speed options: 1200rpm, 800rpm, 600rpm, 400 rpm, Rinse Hold and None. You should always choose the highest spin speed that is appropriate for the weight and type of laundry load.

For example, lower spin speeds are best for delicate or lightweight fabrics, as this can protect garments. Higher spin speeds are perfect for denim or towels that need additional wringing out before drying.

Plus hygiene

Where there are kids, there are germs – and a hygienically clean laundry is more important than ever. Our Plus Hygiene function uses vapours to neutralise 99.9%* of selected common household allergens & bacteria.

Full load 60

Our Full Load 60 lets you wash an entire load in 60 minutes – less time than it takes to play a game of Monopoly – and without compromising on wash results.

Daily 39

When you’re looking to create more hours in your day, our Daily 39 delivers the kind of quality wash you expect for light loads, in less time – 39 minutes to be exact.


For those items that need a little extra care. Our wool cycle uses a more gentle washing action as to not damage your clothes.

Wash/Dry 60

When you need that school uniform, stat, our WashDry60 program designed for 1kg or less loads, turns around last-minute laundry in just an hour.

7. Wash Cycles And Programs

Understanding the wash cycles and programs on your Westinghouse EasyCare Washer-Dryer Combo is the best way to achieve consistently excellent results from your machine.

Wash cycle



A program that uses lower water volume and temperature to save on energy while still cleaning your garments to an acceptable standard.


A gentler cycle for items that need less rigorous washing/are more delicate in nature

Extra dirty/machine clean

For heavily stained or soiled loads, or for use with a washing machine cleaning product to keep the drum sanitised and fresh.

Spin/Rinse and spin

A setting that simply rinses (without detergent) and spins to remove excess moisture.
Wool A gentle cycle that only heats water to 40 degrees celsius in order to preserve the delicate fibres of wool garments.
Fast 15 A super-fast wash cycle, cleaning your clothes in only 15 minutes. Not recommended for very stained or soiled loads.

Daily 39

Ideal for cottons and regular, everyday loads, this is a great go-to setting. 
Full load 60 Ideal for a very full load, this setting washes your garments at 60 degrees celsius, usually over a longer period of time.
Wash/dry 60 A 15-minute quick cycle, followed by 45 minutes of drying. Ideal for smaller loads of laundry that need to be completed quickly.

The benefit of selecting a fast wash cycle is that you are able to save time, energy and water, and when it comes to spin cycles, you should always choose the highest spin speed that is appropriate for the weight and type of laundry load.

The easy-iron feature on the dryer leaves clothes mostly dry, yet slightly dampened - perfect for shirts or uniforms that need ironing. This makes the process much simpler, with a faster, smoother result. The dryness level option allows you to select how dry the clothing should be before the cycle ends, with the washer-dryer combo utilising sensors to determine when a load is ready.

8. How to clean washer dryer

There are certain measures you can take to keep your Westinghouse washer-dryer combo in excellent condition. These include cleaning the coin-trap from time to time, which is located at the bottom right of your machine.

There is also a mesh cover at the end of the drain hose which can become clogged over time; as such it’s a good idea to remove and clean it regularly.

The detergent dispenser can sometimes become filmed with residue from previous loads and fabric softener. Every three loads, remove the dispenser completely and rinse with hot water, then clean with a microfibre cloth to prevent mildew and soap scum.


As well as removing lint buildup from the lint tray after every use, it’s a good idea to properly clean the filter every few months. Let's check out our how to clean washer dryer video.

9. FAQs

  • Can I just wash with a washer-dryer combo?
    Absolutely. The Westinghouse washer-dryer combo allows you to choose from three options - wash/dry, wash only and dry only - meaning it can be used as a standalone washing machine if desired.
  • Does a washer-dryer combo need to be vented?
    Because the dryer functionality of a washer-dryer combo works on a condenser system, extracting moisture from garments and disposing of it through a drain pipe, there is no need to vent it.
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