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We know the morning school run can be MANIC! Here are some simple ways to save time and make those early mornings less stressful. 

It’s back to school time! Early mornings can be hard enough without the added stress of ensuring your little ones have their permission slips, a packed lunch and the correct school uniform on! Here are some clever kitchen hacks and timesavers that will take the stress out of your mornings.

Preparation and planning: Most of us are used to meal planning for our family dinners but why not apply this to the school lunches too?

  • Think ahead:  Roast an extra chicken on Sunday night and shred it for sandwiches throughout the week. Pack the lunches the night before and store in the fridge or freezer so they’re ready to go first thing in the morning.

  • Freeze the kids’ drinks: Not only will they serve as an ice pack and keep the food fresh, it will be a cooling and welcome drink at lunch time.

  • Nourish with nutrition:  There is so much added pressure on mums to provide their kids with a nutritional lunch boxes. If your little ones aren’t into celery or carrot sticks, try creating DIY snack bags filled with dried fruit, dark chocolate nibs and mixed soy crisps.

Back to school hacks


Home organisation: Staying organised is essential for stress-free mornings. Having a routine and knowing where things are kept will ensure everything is ready to go (when you need it).
Try these simple tips below: 

  • Set up a station where the kids can drop all their backpacks, shoes and instruments – keeping them in one spot until they’re needed next!

  • A family calendar will keep schedules straight. Try using different colours for every family member and different events such as school events vs extra-curricular activities.

  • Storage containers and draws can help to keep things like pens, pencils and homework contained and ready for easy use.