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Throughout lockdown, many of us have discovered a whole new level of appreciation for our kitchens, and the space we live in as a whole. When we couldn’t go out, it’s where we baked banana bread, made tomato and feta pasta, and came together as a family.

As the new year rolls around, kitchen renovations are on the wish list for many, but what will the kitchens of 2022 look like? Trends come and go, but here we go through the ones you’ll be seeing, and dreaming of adding to your kitchen renovation, in 2022.

1. It’s all about the colour

Sage green is about to be all over your Pinterest board, and for a good reason. Its soft hue and calming nature strike just the right balance of adding a pop of colour, but not so in-your-face bold that it will date too quickly. Colour in moderation is key here, making sure you’re checking it against your tapware, benchtops, splash back, appliances and flooring before you lock in your selections.

This is the exact reason design duo Heather and Sarah from Oak and Orange used sage cabinetry in their Dream Home 7 Coastal Farmhouse, perfectly paired with our range of Aspire Dark Stainless appliances.

“Green is very on trend now, but we wanted a more traditional classic shade of green that would best suit the farmhouse style and one that would feel timeless. We did consider both lighter and darker shades of green but ended up choosing a stunning sage green because this kitchen gets a lot of natural light and we also like how well it suited the flooring colour,” the duo commented.




Read more about Oak and Orange’s Coastal Farmhouse.


2. A walk-in or butler’s pantry

The walk-in pantry is the new walk-in wardrobe and has become a must-have for modern family homes. Perfect for frequent entertainers, a walk-in pantry offers the ideal space to keep the main kitchen organised and clutter free.

The key with a walk-in pantry is to make sure it’s still easily accessed from the main kitchen area and ensure you’ve considered how much space you’ll need. Depending on your lifestyle, it can feature things like an extra sink, appliances, open shelving, food storage or maybe even a second oven if that’s where your needs lie. For people with a big family, or those who love entertaining consider a large fridge like the 609L French Door Refrigerator in Dark Stainless. But really, it’s completely up to you and your needs.




3. Smart(er) appliances

Just when you thought kitchen appliances were doing as much as they could to make your life easier, they keep getting smarter.

Thanks to cooktop features such as BoilProtect, no longer do you have to hover over a pot boiling water. BoilProtect detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces it to a low simmer, allowing you to focus on the flavours.

Rangehoods now feature technology that seamlessly works with your induction cooktop. Hob2Hod automatically turns on as you start cooking, intuitively adjusting the fan speed and airflow to match your cooking and clear the kitchen of cooking smells. Talk about hands-free convenience.

And forget having a separate benchtop air fryer cluttering your benchtop and cupboards, our 60cm Multi-Function 10 Pyrolytic Oven with AirFry features a built-in air fry function and specialty mesh tray so you can make healthier and delicious food right in your oven – all of the flavour and none of the guilt.