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Hygiene Safety in the Home and Kitchen

The most important room in the house to keep clean and hygienic is the kitchen, as food preparation and washing up presents lots of opportunities for bacteria to thrive. Food-borne diseases are easily transferred to the body during meal time, with vulnerable targets such as children, the elderly and pregnant women especially at risk. Here are some helpful hygiene tips to keep your family healthy and safe:

Change Those Sponges!

Change your sponges every two weeks - research into New Zealand kitchen hygiene habits by Westinghouse revealed that over half of the kitchen sponges tested were highly contaminated with bacteria. Alternatively, throw your sponge into the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes to give it a thorough clean.

Don't Cross-Contaminate

Use appropriate chopping boards during food preparation. Meat must always be prepared on a separate chopping board – never prepare food on a board that has recently had raw meat on it. Prepare garlic and onion on a separate chopping board to avoid strong odours and flavours seeping into other foods.

Dishwashing Habits

Place the dirtiest dishes in the middle of your dishwasher. This area has the best water exposure, so will clean dishes more thoroughly and work to keep your utensils bacteria-free. Don’t overload your dishwasher or place dishes too closely together, otherwise the water spray may not reach everything and dishes will not be cleaned as effectively.

Lifestyle Tips

At Westinghouse we understand how busy everyday life gets, which is why we are here to help you with a number of time saving lifestyle tips to make things that little bit easier! These are really clever!

Deodorise a Smelly Freezer

Place a box of baking soda in the freezer to absorb and neutralise smells; replace them every three months. Easy peasy #ReallyClever

A Steam Clean For The Microwave

A quick way to clean a microwave is to place a handful of wet paper towels inside and run it on high for 3-5 minutes. The steam will help to soften the grime when you wipe down the oven's interior. #ReallyClever

Quick Trick To Clean Your Blender

After you've poured out your smoothie, put in a little water and a drop of dish soap in the pitcher, put it back on the blender. Turn it on for 20 seconds, rinse it out and then you’re done! #ReallyClever

Our Dishwasher Range

Look out for special features when selecting a new dishwasher, such as the Hygiene function found in Westinghouse’s freestanding range. This function ensures the perfect hygienic clean on the items that need it most, such as chopping boards, knives and baby products.