The Traditional Family Roast

Roasts are one food that can bring your family together, below are some tips to help you serve up the perfect roast.

Getting Together With Family

Whether it is the traditional Sunday roast, at Christmas time or during the week to surprise the family with something delicious, everyone would agree, there is not much that beats the ultimate family roast. (But delivering the perfect roast can be stressful). With these simple tips you will be sure to serve up a roast the whole family will love:

Roasting Tips
  • Searing and cooking - Before cooking, let the meat come to room temperature, this will help it to cook more evenly. Season it with salt and pepper just before searing.

  • Resting – The golden rule to remember is to rest the meat for half the cooking time. The longer you rest your meat the more succulent, juicy and tender it will be.


How many people do you usually cook for?

  1. 2
  2. 6
  3. 10
  4. 14
Perfect For Small family
60cm oven

Stainless steel 60cm multifunction 13 steam assist oven with touch controls, 80L gross capacity, triple glazed door and telescopic runners.

Perfect For Medium Family
Duo oven

Stainless steel 60cm multifunction 8/5 duo oven with rotary controls, 80L gross capacity, touch control timer and triple glazed door.

Perfect For Large Family
Double oven

Stainless steel 60cm multifunction 8/8 double oven with rotary controls, 80L gross capacity, touch control timer and triple glazed door.

Perfect for Entertainment
90cm oven

90cm electric underbench oven with 10 functions, fully programmable touch control timer, 125L gross capacity, Twin Fan System, catalytic liners & twin lights.

Roast Chicken with Baby Beets and Onions

Serves: 8 servings

Time: 40 minutes cook time

Difficulty: Easy

Type of dish: Main


1 X small whole chicken

50ml olive oil

1tsp seasoning

10 eschallots or baby cocktail onions

1 bunch baby beetroots

2Tb brown sugar

60ml sherry vinegar (Pedro Ximenez) or balsamic vinegar


Set the steam assist oven to 220ºC on steam assist cooking function.

Butterfly chicken by removing the back bone down either side of the bird keeping as close as possible to the joints. Open up and using a knife hit the top of the breast plate in its thickest part splitting the plate open. Spread open and flatten with hand.

Place chicken on a tray with greaseproof paper. Rub with oil and seasoning. Place in oven and for a cook time of 40 minutes. Set minute minder for 15 minutes.

Place onions and beets in an oven proof dish and cover with brown sugar and vinegar. Mix well. When minute minder has completed 15 minutes, place onions and beets in oven with chicken for remaining 25 minutes.

Carve chicken and serve with trimmings.

Steam Cooking

Steam cooking is recognised as the healthiest form of cooking a roast and is becoming increasingly popular. Using a steam function on your oven requires no fat or oil, retains foods’ natural nutrients and juices, and is a fast and easy way to whip up a dish.