Handy Leftover Tips and Tricks

When feeding a family, there's sure to be heaps of leftovers. With our handy tips and tricks you can learn how to cook smarter. It’s time to waste less and love your leftovers.

Leftover Chicken Stock

If you’re roasting a chicken, the carcass can be useful for cooking up homemade stocks and broths by simmering it slowly in the pan. There’s a lot of goodness to be drawn out of the bones and this creates a rich, delicious stock, which you can use for risottos, soups and gravies.

Versatile Meat

Leftover meat is great for sandwiches and salads the next day, but can also be used for fillings in pies, tarts and curries. You can even make your own fishcakes by flaking salmon fillets with a fork and combining mash potato.

Use Those Veggies

Got a few veggies left over? Add a little oil to the pan and fry up to make a quick, easy and delicious meal. You can even add leftover meat if desired. The kids will love it with a squirt of ketchup.

'Waste not, want not.'
Keeping Fruit Fresh

Keeping fruit fresh beyond the first half of the week can often be tricky. In future, when fruit starts to soften slightly, throw it all in the blender with some ice to make a refreshing smoothie packed with vitamins and fibre. This also offers a healthy way for kids to get their five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Now that’s really clever!