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For all your roasting essentials. Consisting of one enamelled Roasting Pan, one stainless steel Roasting Cradle and two sets of Telescopic Runners.

Roasting Dish

Roasting Dish

Enjoy hassle-free roasting with the Westinghouse Roasting Dish. This roasting dish has a deep basin ensuring all roasting juices are captured while the roast is cooking. This means less chance of the hot juices spilling over when pulling the roasting dish out of the oven so youll have a perfectly cooked roast and a perfectly clean oven.

Roasting Cradle

Roasting Cradle

No matter what shape or size, the Westinghouse Roasting Cradle with its v-shaped indentation, secures the roast and other roasting ingredients neatly in their intended position. The raised side arms make removing the roast from the roasting dish a much safer and easier experience.

Oven Runners

Oven Runners

Cooking is a whole lot easier with the Westinghouse Oven Runners. With two additional sets of oven runners, you can safely pull the oven racks and trays all the way out of the oven. So not only is loading and unloading the oven more efficient, but its also easier to check your cooking and stir your food. Better access means better results for every dish.

Key Features

  • Roasting Dish
  • Roasting Cradle
  • Oven Runners



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  • Accessory Other Features

    Quick & easy installation, Non-stick surface


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